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Helpful Information

How old must my puppy be before I can pick it up?

It is law that the puppy is at least 8 weeks of age before leaving our facility. We offer absolutly no exceptions.

Are you a puppy mill?

At Fur Friends Kennel we manage a professional kennel that is clean, inspected by the state and USDA officials. We take pride in our clean enviroment and quality puppies. Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of our facility.

What paper work will I receive with my puppy?

You will get a bill of sale, health check report, vaccinations and dewormer records, health garauntee, and registration papers if registered.

Is the puppy microchipped?

Yes we microchip all our puppies.

Is there any additional costs or hidden fees?

No the price listed is what you pay + 6% sales tax.

Is a deposit Refundable?

A deposit is not refundable unless the puppy proves to  be unhealthy at time of pickup, or if the deposit is applied before the puppy is vet checked and the puppy is diagnosed with a health issue.

How often was the mother bred?

We take serious consideration before we breed our dogs. Some dogs enjoy raising puppies more than others, therefore we breed accordingly. On average we figure 1 litter per mother per year and retire them around 5 years of age.

How can I put a puppy on hold for me?

Our policy is whoever puts a deposit toward the puppy first, gets the puppy. However if you are in route to come see a puppy we will temporarily hold the puppy until you get here and see the puppy.

What food will my puppy be eating?

Your puppy will be eating Pawtree chicken and sweet potatoe recipe food. You can purchase a bag here when you pick your puppy up and after that you need to buy it through our site, using the dogfood tab.

Setting up an ez ship will get you free shipping.

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