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At Fur Friends Kennel LLC our priority is take take excellent care of the dogs in our care and to find only good homes for the puppies we raise. Our goal is to be professional and stand behind our customers and answer any questions or concerns they might have over the years!

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Happy Parents!

I picked up Pebbles (aka Helen) on 12/3/23 and she has been such a joy. I received a follow up call from Glendon Musser (Fur Friends Kennel) on how my puppy was doing and was she having any issues adapting. This was a clear message that this breeder cares for their dogs and takes a true interest in who they place their puppies with. A sign of a good breeder in my opinion. I hope to have many wonderful years with my new companion.

Marcy Deltondo

Would recommend Glendon 100 times over. Process was so simple and he was very responsive. We adopted our baby Harry (did not change his name haha) in December 2022 and it was the best experience. Harry LOVES his Pawtree hard food and Glendon made it so easy to just purchase a bag while we were there. He even offered to deliver Harry to us all the way in Massachusetts! I want to personally thank Glendon for giving me my best friend. I will be recommending Glendon to anyone and everyone.

Serena Duringer

I have to pick my little guy up yet but so far the experience has been a wonderful one. Glendon is very nice and very professional. But you can also see that he really cares for the pups and for us. I know that it will be a happy time for me!

Dawn Wright

After visiting the facilities when picking up my new puppy, I now have a new standard after seeing the immaculate, professional, loving atmosphere Glendon and family have established. Anyone choosing their new family member, can do so with utmost confidence when their new four legged friend comes from Glendon

Adam Wilson

We just brought home “Roxy” (now Jellybean) this past Saturday & she is the most amazing puppy! From the moment I spoke to Glendon, everything went smoothly. My husband and I drove from Maine to get Jellybean and we could not possibly be happier. Glendon was very kind, so incredibly easy to work with, very professional and had an incredibly clean place of business. Thank you SO much!

Keri Robbins

We found Fur Friends on the Greenfield puppies website. We purchased little Miss Holly to give our other Havapoo, Bella, a companion. We fell in love with Holly on our 1st visit. Mr. Musser runs a farm as well as the kennel, you can see how efficiently and cleanly run his property is. He has a dedicated building for his puppies and I can see that he is a conscientious person about the care of his puppies. His posted pictures of the kennel are very accurate too. We drove out to meet Miss Holly and we loved her the moment we saw her. She was in excellent condition. We knew we would have to wait another week before taking possession so we made a deposit. It was a hard week waiting to go get her. During that week, the vet came out to clear her to go home with us. When the time came to pick her up, Mr. Musser had all the paperwork organized, he actually took the time to give her a bath and brushed her. He gave us a sample of food that he had been feeding her and a small ball for her. Mr. Musser and I spoke the next day, he wanted to see how things were going and he provided me with the brand of puppy food to feed Holly. I can see he cares about all his puppies and runs an excellent breeding process. I have been giving out his business cards and website info to multiple people already. The puppies come already microchipped after birth because they don't feel it during insertion. I loved that because I microchipped my other dog through my vet and I didn't like it because it hurt her during insertion. He also provides the forms to get your PA Lifetime dog license since the puppy is microchipped. My vet said, Holly was well taken care of and received the proper Deworming and Parvo treatments.

Eric Johnson

We have had TwoB (Jonas) for 2 weeks and he is everything we wanted in a fur baby. Cute as a button; healthy; well socialized just what we needed.

Patricia Smith

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